What services do you offer?

My goal is to make your job easier! There are several ways I can help you personally. Here are a few:

  • Custom actions and scripts

  • Automation consultation

  • One-on-one mentoring for designers

  • Graphic design services, including logos, scrap-4-hire, quick page services and more

  • Virtual assistant services, including shopping cart management, blog post writing and posting, creative team management, customer service and more. If it's behind the scenes, I may be able to help. Shoot me an email!

How do you scrap with Lightroom?

Since time is at a premium and I don't get nearly enough time to spend scrapping, I've added Lightroom to my scrapping workflow. For anyone who stores their photos in Lightroom, scrapping with it is a fast way to go. Simply install or create Lightroom Print Templates (I sell several sets in my store). Then drag and drop photos from the Lightroom bin onto the photospots. Then open in Photoshop to decorate. I scrapped 65 layouts in two weeks!

Do your actions work in PSE?

Most of my product descriptions will indicate if they have been tested in PSE or not. In most cases, if an action works in an older version of PSE, it will also work in the newer versions of PSE. I just haven't specifically tested it. Feel free to email me with a link to the action and your version of PSE and I'll let you know if it will work.  

What versions of Adobe Photoshop CC do you support?

In 2019, Adobe revoked all previous Creative Cloud licenses of Photoshop, so officially I support CC2019 and newer. However, it is possible that some my actions will continue to work in previous versions, if you are able to run them on your system. But I do not officially support them, and cannot officially test them.