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A graphic designer for the printing industry by trade, I was creating rudimentary "digital" scrapbooks using inexpensive scrapbooking software and Photoshop in the 1990s. I even designed my first brag book using Quark Xpress and Photoshop a full year before I discovered digital scrapbooking in June of 2006. A whole new world of artistic expression was opened up to me. I began by designing templates based on my layouts and opened my first store in 2007. In the course of my personal scrapping, I decided to try printing my layouts in a photo book. I found the resources a bit confusing and in the creation of my first books, I developed a set of tools including actions and templates to help make the process painless. Shortly thereafter, I realized that other scrappers and designers could benefit from the tools I had developed for myself and began to offer those for sale as well. I'm always happy to assist customers with any questions they have along the way.


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