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Katie the ScrapbookLady and I have been hard at work on a fabulous, scrap-changing collab. And, if you post your guess over at ScrapbookLadyPages, you’ll be entered for a chance to win it! So, hop over and leave your guess!

Action: Diptych It

ACTION: DiptychIt


After reading this post at The Daily Digi, I was hooked on the idea of the diptych! Put together two images that tell a story in and of themselves. Add the diptych to your layout for a fun way to preserve your memories and tell your stories!

You set the background and border colors first. Then, select the photos and crop them as the action runs. Includes resize actions for posting in newsletters, blogs and more! Video tutorial included.

DiptychIt Action
600px Resize Action
575px Resize Action
500px Resize Action
475px Resize Action
400px Resize Action
300px Resize Action
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Installing Actions Tutorial (PDF)

These actions have been tested on PSE6-9 and PSCS2-5 (English & German).  This product is for personal use or S4H-use without any additional license.

SCRIPT: Alpha Cutter-Saver 2.0

3-DAYS ONLY: 20% OFF! UPGRADE PRICING AVAILABLE. Purchasers of previous versions will be sent a coupon via email.

Runs faster and more streamlined.
Actions are pre-recorded.

Video tutorial included.Save time… join the revolution and stop hand saving your alphas! Designers can cut and save alpha sheets with a few clicks of the mouse. The best thing about these scripts is that you are not limited to a template. Your letters can be any size, anywhere on the sheet. Some designers even use it to cut and save their elements.

The alpha cutter script will allow you to select your letters with the marquis tool and will cut them to their own layers, allowing you to name them. The alpha saver will then trim and save each layer to a PNG file.

Files are automatically named DESTINATIONNAME>LAYERNAME.PNG and as always, are trimmed without losing any pixels. Included is a video tutorial on installing and using the scripts and actions.

Personal use and designer use okay. Tested in PSCS2-5.5, English and French; PSE 6-9.

TEMPLATE: DigiScrap Organizer Booklet Add-On

By customer request, this booklet-style add-on to my Digi Scrap Organizer templates will help you track each layout you create. Print on a sheet of 8.5×11 paper, front to back then short fold and insert in a binder. Includes sections on designer requirements, sketches, notes, and even a spot to put the completed layout.

Layered PSDs and TIFs allow you to modify the type within the grids to your needs.

These forms can be used for your own personal use, in the course of your scrapping, creative team requirements or designing. Designers cannot resell these forms, but can use them to track your own business needs.

Action: Hide Shadows {PSE}


A favorite designer tool (now available for Photoshop® Elements) this action hides your external shadows, leaving only the overlapping ones. Run this action after applying drop shadow layer styles. If you wish to add custom warped shadows on their own layers, run the action first and add the shadows after.


These actions are for personal use, Scrap-4-Hire and designer use at no adiditional fee.

TESTED IN PSCE6-9, on Mac and PC. (Photoshop CS version available separately.)

Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Classes

I’m calling this Summer Camp for Scrappers! It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? And the best part… it’s free! Sign up, and you’ll get a fun little badge to wear too!

Action: Paper Stacker

Love stacking papers, but want to make it easier? Add more value to your kits by offering customers paper stacks in addition to single background papers! This set gives you complete control over the size and placement of your papers. Default styles are applied, but you can change them. You choose the papers as the actions run. Designer-friendly and video tutorial included.

8 actions (2-papers thru 8-papers)
Saver action (saves layered TIF and JPG)
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Installing Actions Tutorial (PDF)
These actions have been tested on PSE6-9 and PSCS2-5.5.  This product is for personal use, S4H-use, or designer-use without any additional license.

Love stacked papers? Looking for fun new arrangements? Want to make stacking papers fast and easy? This set of 30 actions will help you stack 2 to 8 papers in a jiffy. You choose the papers as the actions run. Video tutorial included.

5 two-paper actions
13 three-paper actions
7 four-paper actions
3 five-paper actions
1 six-paper actions
1 eight-paper actions
1 Video Tutorial (Mac & PC format)
Installing Actions Tutorial (PDF)
These actions have been tested on PSE6-9 and PSCS2-5.5.  This product is for personal use or S4H-use without any additional license.

SBG’s Studio Mix #1



Introducing SBG’s Brand New Studio Mix!

After four years and a successful run of our “Impressions of” kits, The Studio Girls Collective have decided that we are ready for a change at Scrapbookgraphics. We have thoughtfully arranged Studio Girls together into small stylistically harmonic groups. The gig was simple. Each group chose their own theme and colour pallet, and in a dynamic designer jam, they rocked it out until the kit was complete. The end result is our exciting new Studio Mix line of Studio Girls’ Collective kits. Leading us off with our first Studio Mix Group is Baers Garten, Charlize and Studio Q.

We didn’t know exactly what the final outcome would be when we put this trio together but we knew we could depend on some sugary sweetness. “Good Day Sunshine” is a delightful little diddy that celebrates the simple joys of summertime backyard play. In a splash of cheerful colours “Good Day Sunshine” brings you a medley of playful elements and papers perfect for scrapping the happiest of memories. Studio Buttercup also jumped in on the fun, with an adorable hop scotch template that is to die for. We have even included a surprise Quick page that will come free with the purchase of this Mix. On the Flip side of the Mix is our “B Sides”, which are Add-On Packages.

This month’s B Side is a cute collection of 4 whimsical Quick Pages. You can pick up “Good Day Sunshine” and the “Good Day Sunshine B Side Quick Pages” at a special introductory, early bird price of 20% off until June 12th. So grab yours today and start collecting this first in our new Studio Mix series.

P.S. Keep your eyes open for our next kit in the series, when we partner up Flergs, with Miss Vivi and Julia Makotinsky for what promises to be one seriously hot Mix.

Shutterfly’s New Photobook Interface


Shutterfly recently changed it’s Photobook software interface. How does the new “All NEW Custom Path” affect digital scrapbookers? I put together a little video that shows exactly how you can use the new interface to drag and drop your digital scrapbooking layouts. If you’ve used the new interface and have tips to share, leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear them! I might even hand out some prizes for extra helpful tips!

QUICK NOTE: I emailed Shutterfly to request specifications for the 8×11 peek-a-boo page (the page that shows through the optional die cut window). Here’s their response. “As for the die cut cover specs, we do not have those at this time. Our All New Custom Path is a new product for us and we are working on focusing the slight variations that may occur with our new method to be sure that your image would appear in the window of the book cover.” I’ve adjusted my peek-a-boo pages to add additional bleed per their regular page specs; however, it is my best guess and not an official measurement.


Click the link below to download videos in Mac and PC format.

NOTE: Video had been updated again as of 6/28/11 to reflect the method suggested on the Shutterfly blog.

Free Kit with $20 Purchase Thru May 8th

Spend $20 or more at Scrapbookgraphics this weekend and get this wonderful collab free! No coupon necessary!